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-- Matt White

"The ebook is great and really helped me develop a much better ability to start new conversations with other people.  I am really happy that I spent the money and time learning." 

-- A. Grissom


"Wow, I didn't realize how easy it was to learn how to start a conversation. The ebook made it easy to remember the ques!  The bonus book on Body Language really opened my eyes to reading other people.  I love it and all the bonuses."   Sincerely, 

-- Jane Bradly

"This is the best self help ebook I have ever ordered. It really helped me develop into a much more confident person. You were right, I am having much more fun now and I do not struggle with what to say.  I also want to say that the bonus books were equally helpful and right on the money. Time and money well spent." 

-- Eric Sollis

Think About That Time When You Suddenly Said Something Witty

And Everybody Laughted!

How Did That Make You Feel?

Now you can do it again and again...

"Start a Conversation" Anytime, Anyplace... Without Breaking a Sweat! 

Learn the secret bombshell system on how to make great conversation with anyone within 48 hours and create a relaxed and comfortable connection!

Learn the easy steps to start a conversation using interesting conversation topics.  A MUST read today, that will immediately start to build your self esteem  and confidence!  

Would you like to skyrocket your confidence 500% by learning how to start a conversation   with anyone, in simple easy steps.  Learn the powerful principles that have helped hundreds of others build self esteem and confidence, by learning the tips to being able to start and maintain a great conversation! 

From: Joe Curran
Date: Tuesday, 7:00 AM

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted to start a conversation with someone interesting that you have seen or just met.  But, there you stood because you just did not know what to say.  FRUSTRATED, you stood there kicking yourself, because you just could notcome up with any conversation topics or a conversation starter???

                                How did that make you feel?

Your days of standing alone and hiding from strangers, because you're tongue-tied and don't know what to say or how to start a conversation, are finally over!

You're here because you want to learn how to rid yourself of that awkward feeling... the dry mouth, the sweaty palms, and the frantic search for conversation topics or something to say.   

You maybe one of the select few who have the desire to learn what it takes to become a great conversationalist.   

You have probably seen friends and others, with no more life experience than you, walk up to a woman or man and just start a conversation and you have always wanted to know how to do that yourself.

You Can Do It!  Now you can rid yourself of that awful sinking feeling that you have nothing to say.  I will show you how to start a conversation and gain the confidence to make great conversation.  

My name is Joe Curran.  I have been there and I know how you felt when you couldn't figure out what to say.  I too have been tongue-tied, dry-mouthed, and standing in the corner, hoping that no one would speak to me.  Yet, I was secretly wishing that I could be glib like the other guys and be able to talk with people.  I especially wished, that I could talk to a stranger and start a conversation, without falling all over myself.

It is hard to believe that I have a college education and I have had several jobs in sales... you would think that those things would have made me a good conversationalist.  Nope, just the opposite.  College was about academics and grades.  Sales was about the product, the script, and making the sale. You don't really learn how to be a good conversationalist doing those things. 

It took time, effort and a lot of blood sweat and tears to get myself to this point.  A lot of hard work went into trying to figure out the skills needed to be able to have a great conversation and then applying them.  Needless to say it was a big learning curve.  That is a learning curve, that fortunately you do not have to go through.  Things really came together and began to click, when I  found this information.

Now, you to can by-pass the long learning curve, the trial and error, and learn the skills you need to start a conversation and maintain it, in a very short time. 

It is called compressed learning and all you need is the proper guidance and the right tool.  This is the right tool and it will guide you to a new level of confidence, self-esteem, and give you the ability to start a conversation, with anyone anywhere.

Like me, having the desire to do what most people are not willing to do, is a super important step. Being willing to take action to reduce your fears and build peace of mind, and learning how to make conversation with anyone, is an absolutely giant step, and it is the right step.

By investing your time reading the words I've laid out on this website is a testament to your commitment to not being just average and ordinary and having a desire to do something special, in your life.  

I can relate to where you are right now and how you feel because it was
only a few short years ago that I was tenaciously searching for my answer. I know that you don't want to be that person in the corner wishing for
an answer, but someone that is in the middle of the laughter and good conversation.

You want to be someone that everyone wants to talk to and be around.

Like me...  you've probably asked yourself:

  • Where do I start?
  • How does learning to make conversation work?
  • Is spending my time and hard earned money going to pay off?
  • Which books and programs do I study?
  • How do I know if I have what it takes to be successful?

I have heard this said for years, by many successful people..."you will either fail to plan or plan to fail," and neither one of those options were acceptable to me.  Are these options acceptable to you?

This system was devised by a lecturer in Information and Communications Technology.  It is called the quick pic system and is a super way to help you start a conversation.  The system uses quotes by famous, as well as ordinary people.  These are great conversation topics. They are true to life and have been categorized and illustrated for easier remembering.  It makes great reading and of course has great conversation starters.

The information is laid out in a simple and easy to understand plan for success on becoming a great conversationalist.  You can download this system in the next few minutes and start taking charge of your life. You will have more fun, build self esteem, build confidence, and build better relationships.

Learn now, and YOU will have more fun talking to people.  Now especially for the men, you will get noticed by that special woman.  Remember men, women find humor and confidence very attractive.  Women like confident men and will respond to them... They do not respond to cheesy pick-up lines.

Now available to you in an illustrated e-Book formate:

"101 Conversation Starters"

Act now to skyrocket your life and attract great people into your life forever, and be able to do it again and again!

After extensive research into the matter it was found that quotes can definitely help to start a conversation and keep it going. It even helps to kick some life into an already on-going, but stagnating conversation, or to change the flow, if it gets too close to confrontation, or a sensitive issue.

It really works!

While researching the subject, it was found that to help you remember the quote better, it is best to categorize it, and even easier to remember when it's llustrated. That led to the creation of this book.  This book is a compilation of pieces from books, witty quotes, and curious illustrations and leans toward the funny.  

All quotes are short enough to remember easily. Even if you happen to be a 
fluent speaker, this book is great fun to read
and you can still use the great conversation starters.

I'll Bet By Now You're Worrying

About The Price!

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Yes, you heard correctly.  Put "101 /Conversation Starters" to work for you today and you'll  get  $350  in bonus gifts...FREE... just for checking it out. Yes, you read it correctly... More than Ten Times the cost of the book.

I know that you want to know what difference this book will make for you and  how this book will benefit you.

Since this is an e-Book, you can instantly download it now and begin learning
how to start a conversation, with anyone you meet, immediately!

Get rid of that dry mouth and clammy hands feeling you get when you don't know what to say!  Now you will have an arsenal of 101 easily remembered Conversation Starters, that you can use for any situation.

Your confidence will soar as you begin realize that you can engage anyone you meet, in dynamic and interesting conversation.  

  • Confidence and higher self esteem increase your social dynamics!
Increased confidence from being able to start a conversation with ease, will enhance your personal relationships, in all areas of your life.  People are inspired by confidence. When you are confident, people will  like you and want to be around you.  In fact, confidence and self esteem are some of the key factors that people pick up on and consciously or unconsciously perceive in others.  People tend to gravitate toward the person that exhibits these qualities.
  • Change the direction of your life and create a positive force in your life!
Confidence and self esteem are key forces that tend to produce activity and change in any situation or sphere of influence.  They are very important key forces and force is a vector.  That means that it has both direction and magnitude.  In this case, the direction for you becomes a positive force in your life.  This results in an increasing magnitude of life force and social dynamics for you!  WOW!!  
  •  Increase your power in relationships with people in your group!
This is of utmost importance, because as you begin to succeed in the area of starting conversation and maintaining conversation, this will build your confidence and self esteem.   Other areas of  your life will benefit.  People will notice the difference and gravitate to you.   Gaining more confidence in starting a conversation will spill over into other areas of your life, such as your job and it will enhance the perception of you and your performance.   In relationships, it will positively amplify other people's (both men and women) perception of you, in a positive manner.  The forces resulting from enhanced Self esteem will help propel your social dynamics to a new level.

Remember, Confidence  and the ability to start a conversation is attractive to everyone, that means both men and women!

IF you were to attend all the seminars I've attended, read all the books I've read and studied all the programs I've paid for and studied... you could easily invest over $10,000 just in the costs alone.

Depending on the value you place on your time... your investment to learn what I've learned could be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

That is why the powerful secrets, tips, and techniques that have been carefully laid out in the illustrated e-Book "101 Conversation Starters,"  and in the bonus offers, would be a huge bargain at a price of $297 or even $497...  just a fraction of the costs that have been incurred.

But I 'm offering to you a concrete way to eliminate shyness and fear. To eliminate that horrible feeling of not knowing what to say in any social situation.  A fast track to eliminating those intimidating feelings, which is essential for your success in meeting and starting conversation with anyone, for an unbelievable price of just $39.95  $9.95.  That is only $0.33 a day for 30 days to build confidence and create attraction, as you comfortably learn how to start a conversation with anyone, without the fear and the trepidation you once felt!


Fast action bonus # 1 - 
value $29

body language magic

What is Body Language?

Body language is the unspoken or non-verbal mode of communication that we do in every single aspect of our interaction with another person. It is like a mirror that tells us what the other person thinks and feels in response to our words or actions. Body language involves gestures, mannerisms, and other bodily signs.

Would you believe that in real life situations, that between 60% to 80% of the messages that we convey to other people, are transmitted through our body language and that actual verbal  communication accounts for only 7% to 10%?

Our ability to use body language in a positive way and to read other people's through their body language separates the men from the boys (or women from girls), and can be a powerful tool to
our overall personality development. Imagine creating a great impression for  work, business, and love by being knowledgeable in this not-so-common yet powerful field of study. It is the unspoken tool to a successful life.

Think what it can do for you by giving yourself a clue about somebody's state of mind, before even trying to start a conversation!

Get this book free and find out how you can read people, utilize, and master body language — the most used yet most misunderstood secret language in the world.


Fast action bonus # 2 - 
Value $25

how to improve self-confidence!

What can self-confidence do for you?

Self-confidence is an attitude, which allows you to have positive yet realistic views of yourself and your situations. Self-confident people trust their own abilities, have a general sense of control in their lives, and they believe that, within reason, they will be able to do what they
wish, plan, and will get what they expect.

With this free book you will learn:

  • What is self-confidence

  • What is the natural enemies of self-confidence

  • How to overcome these enemies and,

  • How to become self-confident.

Think what it can do for you to have self-confidence!

With self-confidence Starting Conversations will be a piece of cake.


Fast action bonus # 3 - Value $197

Inside The Minds of winners

The 9 Interviews You Must Read If You Want
to Create Your Own Good Luck

  • Amazing Success Secrets of 10 Proven Winners! Learn Why Winners Never Wait Around For Luck, And What They Do to Create Success
  • Learn how you can take command of your life and create your own good luck—with the same techniques proven winners use.

Find Out How Winners Do It

What would you give if you could sit down with a double-handful of successful people and ask each one of them how they got where they are and to explain their techniques?

You get big content

This book is not some little 25-page pamphlet masquerading as an eBook.  You get  over 115,000 words of content.  Nine intensive interview transcripts, plus half a dozen articles written especially for this book. Over 275 pages in all.
That's value... in the form of major content

The contributors have something vitally important to say—things they've learned and perfected in the workshop of their own lives.

And That's value my friend...
in the form of knowledge.

And the price—well, it's over 100,000 words of concentrated wisdom. It could well change your life... and you're getting it for nothing.

Fast action bonus # 4 - Value $39

The Art and Science of Personal Magnetism

Personal Magnetism Is One Of The Keys To Having Better Conversations.

The fact is that every person generates and throws off a certain degree (varying among different individuals) of personal magnetism, which affects the minds of other persons coming within the field of its influence. Not only does each person emanate and project a certain amount or degree of personal magnetism, additionally, each person is also constantly surrounded by a field of personal magnetic influence – a personal  atmosphere, so to speak. This personal atmosphere affects to a greater or lesser degree other persons coming within its field of influence.

"One need not despair if he has been creating and carrying around with him a personal atmosphere of an undesirable kind.  For these things may be remedied, and one may entirely change the character of his mental states, and thus transform his personal atmosphere from the very worst, to the very best."  Theron Q. Dumont

With this fantastic book you will learn how to Generate Your Own Personal Magnetism.

When you exude Personal Magnetism,

Starting Conversations will be really easy.


Fast action bonus # 5 - Value $17

Hermit's ebook of funny lists

A List of Funny Stories and Sayings which will have your audience rolling on the ground with laughter.  Everyone likes humor and women especially enjoy being around a guy that can make them laugh.

The funnies include:

  • Letters to the Welfare Department

  • Fun Things To Do Whilst Driving

  • 50 Ways To Confuse Your Roommate

  • What Movies Teach Us

  • The Laws Of Life

  • 32 Steps Towards Personal Growth and Fulfillment

  • Philosophical Warning Labels

  • Teaching Maths Through the Decades

  • Managers Speak

  • Label Instructions on Consumer Goods

  • Car Stickers

  • 50 More Ways To Confuse Your Roommate

  • Your Daily Moment of Zen

  • 12 Best Things To Say If You Get Caught Sleeping At Your Desk

  • 50 Actual Newspaper Headlines                    

  • Driving Exam Answers         

  • Errors in Newspapers   

  • Real Estate Definitions     

  • Out of the Mouths of Babes       

  • The Rules    

  • You Know You Are Getting Older

  • The Laws of Work

  • Bizarre English Translations

  • History Repeated

  • 50 Fun Things To Do On An Exam That Doesn't Matter

  • 18 Ways To Annoy People

  • Proverbs   

  • Doctor Says ...

  • Stupid Lawyer Questions

  • Wit and Wisdom From The Internet

With nearly a thousand funnies in this book you will have even more ways to start conversation and to keep it going.


Fast action bonus # 6 - Value $31

the little book of ultimate power

Discover How To Change Your Life, Cure Fear, Build Confidence, Achieve Your Dreams, and Find Success.

The pages of this book are full of mind-blowing facts and ideas to become the best you can be.  Fantastic!


Fast action bonus # 7 - Value $12

Dating report

Six Reports on Better Dating.

The reports include:

  • Ten Tips to Flirting

  • Art of Kissing on a First date

  • Tips to Become a Better lover

  • How to Overcome Shyness

  • The Fear of Dating

  • Relationship Choices


With these bonuses you get a Complete Package of self-improvement information for an unbelievable price... A value that you would be crazy to pass up. You would be hard pressed to find all this information together at any price!

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                            Opportunity is knocking...  Will you answer?

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Joseph Curran,

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Thank You,

Joseph Curran
Make Great Conversation
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